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Potbound Root Balls- 'The latest science'

12 years ago

Several universities have something to say.

My understanding after reading some further experimental data this morning, is that if the tree is planted high enough, diving major roots are cut where they inflect, and the root flare is cleared of roots growing on top of it or above it, that circling roots under the root flare from potbound root balls need not be altered.

Slicing, shaving, butterflying, manually pulling apart the root ball, did not increase root growth and the opinion seemed to be expressed a few times that only circing roots around the actual root flare were detrimental.

What is anyone's understanding or experience with all of the new experimental data in? This is pertinent in my case because I have a pot bound magnolia that just ain't teasing apart too easy, and it's time to make a decision. It's been soaking all night in a very dilute tea. Ordinarily, I'd bring it back to the nursery, it's not too late.

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