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I got nailed by a scorpion-Got a question

13 years ago

I was stung on my index finger by a scorpion yesterday morning approx.6:00. I put ice on it, took a claritin (antihistamine)and 2 tylenol. After a day of total agony, I woke this morning with the throbing gone but my finger as still numb and tender. The tingling has subsided down to the elbow so I figure one more day and I should be back to normal. My question is could this have been a bark scorp? I've been stung by bees and hornets and recovered back to normal in a few hours so I pretty sure I'm not illergic. My son was stung last summer and recovered in about 8 hours and here I am 28 hours later and still not right. Any imput would be appreciated. Thanks, John

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