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Let's talk about Zinnia Seed...

12 years ago

Though I grow both profusion and star zinnias from my own saved seed and some traded seed, I find that zinnias for cutting do best in my yard out of a commercial package. Don't know why that is but it has been discussed here and many agree. Parent plants are grown under more controled conditions commercially.

Last year I did an experiment - - 4 different kinds in a big bed (newly made in April by lasanga method - amazing)and choose a favorite - - but lost the venitian blind label by fall. Might have been oklahoma mix but maybe not. So I am looking for recommendations of varities and best sites to purchase from. I love all the colors and shapes except the pompom ( almost round) kind. Disease resistance is important too. The "lost tag" plants made it through September with no powdery mildew at all. We have automatic sprinklers (which are a god send) but, combined with humidity, can bring on the mildew.

I have a lot of rudbeckia in the gardens, so I am often counting on the zinnias to add contrasting ,bold brightness (reds, deep oranges and apricots, deep pinks)Between 18" - 3.5' with sturdy stems for cutting - - what are your favorites?



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