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should i cut off sprouted bleached leaves?

10 years ago

i normally store my bulbs bare after the leaves die out, but this year the leaves were still fully green and not declining when i had to go away for quite some time. so i left them with leaves and in their pots in the dark in the bathroom - to decline slowly.
they were dry and went thru some cool weather in the 40s while outside (end of november).
dec was unusually warm especially around xmas and i guess they woke up.
i got back and found that some started sprouting in the dark. all are showing either leaves or flower buds or both. i watered them slightly and put them on the kitchen counter. no sun at all, just daylight. after a few days flower stalks are greening up a bit - so they should be fine.
the leaves are greening up too, but they are very weak long and spindly...up to 18"! and bending over - they'll never become normal.
i usually prefer to stager blooming in groups for flowering over a period of 6-8 weeks.
but i guess now i have no choice but to let them all grow?
should i cut off the long bleached leaves though?
a few are just 1-3" - may be those will come out allright?
i am planning to put them all in western window in dappled sunlight to strengthen the growth, but am afraid to burn them.
i have some with flower buds (some with 2) without leaves, some with white leaves AND flower buds. and some just leaves.
also sev bulbs have offsets that sprouted 10" white spindly bent leaves too.
any advice on what is best to do?

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