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A couple of ws'ing oddities...

12 years ago

Hey all,

I've had a couple of sort of weird phenomenons I thought I'd run by those of you with more experience:

1) Heliopsis Loraine Sunshine. I sowed a couple of containers of this, and got good germination but not all were variegated. So, I painstakingly separated out the variegated from plain. I planted three of the variegated seedlings out when they had the desired two sets of true leaves, and I held the other four in a container to take to the plant swap (a friend requested them).

That was about three weeks ago. Now, the seedlings that I left in the container have almost tripled in size, and the ones in the ground have hardly grown at all. The container is kept in partial shade and they were planted out in full sun, for what it's worth - but this is a full sun perennial so as long as it was being watered (it is), I wouldn't think that would matter. ?

2) Caryopteris, Heliopsis: Again, planted these out when they were rather small, and thankfully, have backups of both still in containers. I have now had two seedlings vanish. They were doing fine one day, and the next day where they used to be there was a little hole, as though they had been lifted right out with a trowel, along with all the Pro Mix planted around them.

What sort of varmint is responsible for this!? I've been seeing a lot of chipmunks in the yard...

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