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planning an Asian vegetable garden

Please note, that this post is for FUTURE reference.

I will not be growing most of the vegetables that I'll be listing in the initial post of this thread.

For me, planning an Asian vegetable garden is a bit more complicated than planning a regular vegetable garden.

With a regular vegetable garden, I pretty much know what vegetables I like so I know the majority being grown I'll plant more than I need, cause I'll use them for preserving and freeze some.

Although I've heard of most Asian vegetables, I've never used them in cooking, nor have I tasted them. I don't have any exposure to most of them. As a result, the first Asian vegetable garden I grow, I'll just be growing enough

to eat fresh, to see what I like, what I don't, etc.

I also don't know which Asian vegetables freeze well, store well, etc.

I'd need to know how many I could grow for one person that would be enough for me just to eat fresh. Please specify the quantities with how many of each plant I'd plant, and NOT by weight.

The veggies I'd try to grow for an Asian veggie garden are listed below:


Kabocha (Japanese pumpkin; much smaller than American pumpkins)

Winter Melon

Pickling Melon

Sword Beans

Long beans

Amaranth (water spinach)

Chinese celery

mustard greens



burdock root (gobo; it's a long root veggie)

bitter gourd

Asian Eggplants (Chinese, Thai, and Japanese varieties)

Bok Choy and Pak Choy (pak choy is baby bok choy)


Turnip Greens



Azuki Beans, Black soybeans (kuro mame)

Sesame seeds, black, white (don't know about this; all depends on if my growing season is long enough)


Yomogi (mugwort, Japanese herb)

Shisho (Japanese variety of Basil)

Thai Basil

Garlic Chives

Bird's Eye Chilies

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