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14 years ago

I'm looking to plant a tree on the southeast side of my house where eventually it will give shade. I've considered a couple different types but am leaning towards a Ginko since I owned another property previously that had a Ginko and I loved it. That same property also had a Sweetgum which had beautiful fall foiliage but made a mess otherwise with those golfball size medieval mace looking seed balls. For that reason I don't want a Sweetgum....but I am considering a Sourgum. It seems to have the nice fall foliage color properties of the Sweetgum but without the bloody mace balls....Any thoughts on the Sourgum?

I'm also looking to minimize the pain of fall leaf cleanup. Another aspect I liked about the Ginko was the delicate yellow leaves that dropped. As I remember they were easily cleaned up. The oak trees I have now on my property make for a fall cleanup nightmare.

The tree will be planted approximately 30' from the side of my house.

I'm by no means a tree expert and am wide open to advise, as well as alternate recommendations, by those here far more knowledgable on the subject than I.

Thank you.

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