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Will my amaryllis bloom this year after not blooming last year?

17 years ago

Last year in January I purchased some clearance amaryllis bulbs from Harris Seeds in Rochester (this was in-store, not catalog). Nothing really uncommon, just run-of-the-mill amaryllis. There were four healthy bulbs. All had flower buds. I potted them, gave them bottom heat, and the buds grew... then died. There was no evidence of disease or bugs. I let the foliage grow. May, June, July, came and went, and lo, and behold, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a new flower bud on one of the plants. It bloomed in August. The others just got more leaves. When November came I removed them from the pots and put the bulbs in our cool basement (52 degrees) for 12 weeks. I potted them last week. Two of them are getting leaves, but no sign of flower buds yet. Is this normal? Do you think that they will bloom this year or am I going to be wasting my time? I was bad at feeding them last year; I will do a better job feeding them this year. Is it possible that the flowering part of the bulbs died last year? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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