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Please, please by mis-named!

15 years ago

No my brain has not frozen.....yet, and just this once or twice would be nice.

I was out at a Canadian Tire store yesterday and came across a diplay of bulbs to force. Guess what I found??

You guessed it. Our babies trying to flower in the bags!!. They were marked down to $4.93 per bulb. so I asked the garden center manager what she would take for them if I bought them all????

To my surprise she gave me a better price that I had in my head. $1.99 each (they threw two in free because the clay pots were broken!)

There were 25 bulbs in all. Like I needed another one!! But.....

Now as to the title. All the bulbs were labeled as follows. Red Lion, Appleblossom, Pink, Minerva and three in a box set that had no label but showed an Appleblossom picture. I have all already, but the Pink? I have Pink accent only. The picture shows a full dutch hybrid size flower.

The reason I want them to be mis-named is maybe someone did the dreaded mix-up. Please, please! Maybe I will get more than I paid for? Do you think it is possible?

This picture is one of the blooms (I cut it off because the bulb was a little dehydrated). It was marked Appleblossom.


So in having said that, I hope never to get a pricey mis-named bulb again.

I would think that next year they will take a rest because they were poorly mistreated during this season. And yes I know it depends on the after flower care mostly. but I wouldn't blame them a bit taking a year off to recuperate.

They were not rotten just a little shrunken. Most have a scape, some were already finished.

I soaked the very dry roots in water with the weakest solution of fertilizer and within a few hours the roots were nice a plump.

I have left them for almost 24 hours now and will plant them up this weekend. I think in those nice white/pink swirly pots I acquired from work.


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