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Is my Red Oak dead/dying?

16 years ago

I planted a bare root Northern Red Oak tree this past spring. Unfortunately, I don't think the tree made it. I planted it in late March and followed correct planting and maintenance procedures to a "T". It produced only a few leaves after initial bud break; they remained very small throughout the season. Additionally, it never produced new leaves throughout the course of the growing season like the other bare root tree that I planted did. The small leaves that it did have started to turn brown and die in Mid-July. Two weeks ago I noticed that top 12 inches of the cambium was dead. Doing the "scratch test" revealed that it was brown underneath. Today I noticed that it has stretched downward another 10-12 inches, so that now the top foot and a half to two feet of the tree is dead. Is the rest of the tree sure to follow?

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