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Ignorant Bachelor Buttons Question

15 years ago

My BBs sprouted and got HUGE first set of true leaves... like 5-6 inches long. They were leaning over and I thought they were just unhappy in container which had 4" of mix.

When planting them out yesterday they were still "weak in the stems" and immediately layed over. I pushed fresh soil up around bottoms of stems for support but they're lying on the ground under weight of those large first set of true leaves.

They all had at least a 1" root ball with some longer hanging roots.

Pics of other people's annual BB seedlings doesn't show such outsized first set of true leaves in comparison.

I suspect they're not going to stand up straight of their own accord and that propping the little things up until they grow better roots isn't going to help.

Are they wasted and should I direct sow some where I planted out sprouts? Second set of true leaves developing inside those helicopter blades of first leaves.

How can I screw up something as simple as BBs? None of the direct sown seeds in other places have sprouted but they may have dried out in the heat wave before the reverse to cold and rain.

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