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Tell me about Joseph's Coat and Pinata

16 years ago

I want to buy a multi-colored climbing rose for a zone 7b garden. The rose will be grown up an iron support then allowed to "weep" downward (i.e. a weeping standard). JOSEPH'S COAT is the classic choice but I've read elsewhere (Heirloom Roses) that PINATA has smaller flowers in greater profusion. I'd very like to read your experiences with the two roses. In particular, how good is the vigor, disease resistance (especially to blackspot), remontancy (repeat bloom), and flower fragrance? This garden is for a friend of mine who is an artist so color, not fragrance, is the biggest deciding factor.

Thank you,


Image of Joseph's Coat by Christian at Hortiplex

Image of Joseph's Coat by Kathy9NorCal at the Roses Gallery


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