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To stake or not to stake American Hollies

16 years ago

I am having some Satyr Hill hollies planted and when I asked the arborist about staking (because he never mentioned - only that he would plant and mulch) does not stake his trees. He dismissed the idea of staking and referred to research over the years that considers staking unnecessary - when the trees are allowed to blow in the wind, their roots are better established and they acclimate better.

I hate to argue with someone one who has been doing this for years,but all of the trees we have had planted by landscape companies in our yard have been staked and my husband removes the stakes in one year or sooner. None have blown over and all have done well.

These hollies are 6-9-1/2' tall and about four feet wide.

Is staking always necessary? Should I strongly suggest he stake or is this really the way to go? I just dont want to invest $3,000.00 in these trees and have problems down the road. Thanks.

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