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Forecasted Record Low Tonight

11 years ago

Any record lows coming up this weekend? Honestly I don't give two hoots about frosts this time of year but a hard freeze this early in October is beyond frustrating given the year so far.

At least 70% of my deciduous plants aren't showing any color yet so odds are this blast of 24 degrees tonight is going to ruin my fall.

The last time I had a mid 20 low, it zapped most deciduous plants. That was at about 75% peak later in October.

Wonder what effect this early freeze is going to have on the trees that haven't begun their color change. New territory yet again for me with gardening. Sure may others have dealt with this in the past and its probably nothing, just that we don't get to enjoy. the color change.

2012 has to be one, if not the worst weather years. Record late freezes (due to March heatwave), sustained record heat, sustained record drought and now record early freezes. Icing on the cake...this is the year I installed most of my landscape at the new house.

I'm going to ask my wife to dispose of all our temp. gauges, rain gauges and block all weathers and news sites/telecasts on the TV and web. I'm going old school so I don't have to worry anymore.

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