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Clean Shade Trees for San Joaquin Valley, California

12 years ago

I'm looking for suggestions on clean drought resistant shade trees. What I'm looking for are trees that provide a nice canopy of shade that do not drop fruit or pods or sap all over and are not invasive with seedlings coming up and won't crack cement or ruin sprinkler lines. We live in Madera County in the San Joaquin Valley and it's very hot in the summer usually triple digits with the winter getting to the 30's. Not a whole lot of rainfall, which is why I need drought tolerant. I don't mind trees that lose their leaves in the fall and winter, as I don't mind raking up leaves, but as I said before I just don't want the mess of seeds and pods and sap. I'm just certain, I want large shade trees that would give us a beautiful canopy of shade from the absolute awful heat of summer. We live on over 2 acres of property so size isn't a problem. I've researched several sites and I keep getting different suggestions, such as a Chinese Elm or California Pepper but then hear that they are invasive or messy. Most individuals plant Eucalyptus out here, but I think they are scraggly and really don't provide a nice canopy of shade. Please help, I could use the advice.

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