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Sunscalded Autumn Blaze are being replaced with my tree of choice

9 years ago

I wanted to get opinions on whether to go back with two Autumn Blaze (or other pretty maples) or see what my other options were. I currently have 1 Autumn Blaze Maple out front, two sawtooth oaks at the back edge of my property and the Nursery will be replacing the sunscalded Autumn Blaze Maples out back. He asked if I wanted to try them again (wrapping them this time, go with an October Glory, Japanese Elm (gave me directions to a house where he planted two of the Elms 5 years ago. This started out as just two Sawtooth Oaks to bring in some squirrels for my German Shepard Duke to chase, but he was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus and I decided to plant two more trees to add shade during the hot months (it is aggravated by sunlight). I had thought about going with an October Glory for one of them to change things up, but wanted to get opinions. I love bringing wildlife in and the acorns have nuts covered already. Bring on those strong opinions everyone has. I do need at least a moderate grower to bring he shade on faster and plan to plant 25 gallon instead of 15 this time.

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