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french pink and nootka rose

14 years ago

softnecks, bought some locally and planted yesterday along with some hardnecks. after planting i have a lot of small cloves of each, so i ate some.

good lord! both of these should be renamed "no flavor but extremely hot". both of these have virtually no garlic flavor but oh baby do they burn! i thought they would literally burn a hole in my mouth and i'm not kidding (it was intense) but i'm not big on hot stuff. the korean red which was supposed to be really hot was NOTHING compared to these two! i'm now wishing i tasted them 1st, i may have planted just 7 of each vs 24 of each opting for more hardnecks.

mark, if you have room and want to try these AND you have a way to mail these to you, i'll send you 5 or 6 cloves of each. the cloves are quite small a bit smaller than a kidney bean, even the biggest cloves were small compared to my other hardneck cloves, like about 1/20th the size but my music cloves which are just HUGE, like about 1.5 times the size of a ping pong ball! i can't just put them in an envelope. a plastic pill bottle (i'm so healthy i don't have any pill containers as i don't buy any scripts) in a box or pouch packed with newspaper? the smallest box would cost say $4 via the post office. interested? sorry folks, this is just for mark, i'm not offering this to anyone else.


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