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how deep is too deep for own-root?

16 years ago

Okay, this is weird. I planted about twenty own-root roses last Feb-Apr (depending on the source). All were planted at the same depth in the same mixture of compost and dirt. Recently I discovered a couple of these plants (ie. exactly two) have sunk about a foot. I'm assuming this is because I was planting in beds where I had removed twenty-year old roses along with the attendant dirt... per the David Austin website and for whatever reason the underlying dirt in the two spots was unstable. Anyhow, I now have two baby bushes growing from considerable holes. One plant is Abe Darby (planted in Feb), the other supposedly Will Shakespeare 2000 planted in May since the first plant I received had white blossoms and High Country roses had to replace. My inclination is to fill in the holes with compost since I have no graft to worry about, but I do worry about somehow smothering my babies. The AD has three or four shoots of about three feet, the WS2000 has one shoot of about two feet and then a bunch of short twiggy things. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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