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Rose and companion plant questions

13 years ago

Of five new to me rose picks for 2010 planting I have an idea of mixing in some Bearded Iris (Very well established) with two modern day HT's. As it is on the Iris they have never doubled bloomed in the past five years so I assume they never will. I can and will cut em down low to ground after they have finished blooming in late spring/early summer.

My major question and concern are. Would I be better off growing the iris in big enough pots (which I have) placing pots as compliments to the rose bedded area VS keeping them in the ground ?

In a second and established rose bed (a climber and three minis) I am thinking about adding Asiatic lily and/or ornamental lily a second opinion on in pots vs in ground is also more than welcome.

I have no problem making any form of soil for either/any of these items. It's the fertting/feeding and soil PH for the rose I am more concerned with.

I am also aware of mutual pest problems, have generaly good knowledge on disease problems regarding any of the plants mentioned. In a nut shell when it comes to the roses priority. I am very partial to zero competition which has even included certain types of mulch as compititon. This complimentry planting idea is very new to me.

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