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designing mixed cottage bed around a few roses - ideas needed

12 years ago

I'm looking for three different roses for a mixed cottage-style bed. The bush and growth shape is more important than flowers...for the most part. I've got a kidney bean shaped bed around an old light post and think roses would work in up to three spots.

1st - Short - no taller than about 3' tops. Will be in the mid ground of the bed. Thinking of using an Austin here. Repeat bloom would be nice. More of a compact shape preferable. Ideas I had - Princess Alexandra of Kent, Darcy Bussell, Munstead Wood, Sophy's Rose. Interested in contrast/coordination with a light pink rose in other part of bed. Prefer warmer pinks as opposed to violet pinks, but can be swayed on this. Also, any input on these roses for my climate is greatly appreciated.

2nd - Slightly taller rose than first one. Light pink. Less compact shrub. Will be more mixed in with other perennials such as tall phlox. Once bloomer okay. Could also be Austin, but not necessary. Something along lines of Wildeve or Queen of Sweden.

3rd - Taller possibility than the second. Want this one to be sorta like a gangly teenager. Awkward or quirky that will add a bit of wildness along the interior of bed by light post. Other plants will be planted in front of it.

I have already ordered a Madame Hardy (for a different spot), but could use it in this bed if anyone thinks it would fit the bill. This spot is full sun so perfect for roses, but also will pick up winds from the west in winter. Thoughts? Thanks!

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