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spacing and raised beds

18 years ago

I'm thinking I'll build a 4'x10' raised bed for planting the garlic I ordered last night. I've read the recommended spacing to be 5". Is this spacing East-West as well as North-South, that so the garlic will be planted in a "grid"? This would allow me to plant 8 rows wide by 24, for a total of almost 200 plants. Does this sound about right?

What is a good height for the beds? I'm thinking 8-10". Is garlic deep rooted so that I'll need to ammend 10"+ of soil under the 8" or 10" raised bed?

Also, can the garlic be planted in the same place year after year? I know that some veggies need to be rotated for the good of the soil. Is garlic one of them?

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