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Just a quick "Hello"

Hello all. I want to introduce myself. Im Mirenda, a long time lurker who needs a place to chat about my garden. My friends and family's eyes are beginning to glaze over when I begin talking about my gardening activities. Why can't they understand how excited I get when I snag a long lusted after Austin at a clearance sale?

Im here hoping to find folks who will delight in the fact that i bought a standard today for �5.00. I'm mad about roses, gardening and (recently) composting. I moved from Bloomington, il to Ireland 7 years ago. I had a beginners garden in Bloomington (I happily planted everything I could find on clearance at Lowes). I've grown as a gardener in Ireland.

Most of my roses are in large pots or 1/2 whiskey barrels. I'm amending the soil in my boggy garden. After four years of waiting I may get my roses on the ground next year. I will get some OGRs once I getting soil sorted out.

My roses:


Summer Song

Benjamin Britton

Winchester Cathedral

Abraham Darby


Margaret Merrill

Joie De Vivre

English Miss


Hot Chocolate

Arthur Bell

Orange Sensation

Rhapsody in Blue



Sweet Magic

Top Marks


Double Delight

Alec's Red

Just Joey


The Fairy

Snow Carpet�

Flower carpet Amber

Flower Carpet Red Velvet

I've a few more roses but i have no idea what they are - winter clearance without tags.

Thanks for being a part of this forum. I need you all!


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