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Pruning: Teas - when to remove canes to the base.

11 years ago

Hi all. Would some people share with me what you do to rejuvenate Tea roses and when to take canes down to the base? I ask for the following reasons:

Baronne Henriette de Snoy was getting to be an ugly shape and unwieldy, I removed a basal cane in the hopes of getting it to make new breaks and "fill out" - it didn't, and I wonder if it ever will.

Lady Hillingdon had me scared after the Baronne Henriette experience, so I've just given her the lightest of shapings these past 7 years (this is my oldest Tea) and it has gotten uglier each year, more sparse looking, senescent wood, poor bloooming cycles. This year I finally said, "if you can't take this, you're outta here!" and pruned it very harshly. Frankly if it doesn't recover, I won't shed a tear: it was lovely from about 2005-2008, but has been ghastly ever since.

Talk to me folks...


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