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Garlic foliage dried, really small bulb!

14 years ago

I decided to try my hand at growing garlic last fall. I bought two bulbs, Chesnok Red and Spanish Roja, from a garlic farm and planted all the cloves (big and small) in mid October in full sun in soil amended with compost. We had a wet winter and spring and all the cloves sprouted nice tall foliage. I cut the scapes and watered when it didn't rain.

Last week one of the smaller stalks was completely dried up so i decided to dig it up and see the glorious garlic bulb I grew. The bulb was the size of a cherry tomato! Not big enough to be useful in the kitchen, so I replanted it (the bulb was not damaged during this whole ordeal).

I haven't dug up any other ones yet. They still have about 50% of their green leaves. What should I do? Can I leave the small bulb in the ground until next year and maybe it will be bigger? Is it a lost cause? I have learned from this forum that I probably planted too many of the small cloves. I guess I will wait until late July to dig the rest, but now I'm nervous that I'm digging too early and my crop will be stunted!

Garlic experts, HELP!

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