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Should I harvest this garlic!

12 years ago

This is my first garlic experiment and all I read about knowing when to harvest is that it is tricky, just about as much art as science etc. I have 5 varieties, Belarus, Yugoslavian, Siberian, Paw Paw, Italian Purple, maturing in that order it seemed. It was put in last November, removed most of the mulch mid April, started removing scapes about mid June.

I would say that I have probably 1/3 browned leaves for most of them. I left 3 scapes on the Italian Purple and they are standing straight up. From what I looked I don't have any heads that are drying out and breaking apart. I pulled 2 of the Belarus and from what they look like I am pretty certain that I did not care for them very well as they are small heads.

Here are some photos:

So the question is for those of you with way more experience and knowledge than I have, Is it time to harvest my garlic?

Your help is greatly appreciated

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