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did my seeds rot?

13 years ago

I started WS two or three years ago, and posted some then --- so I'm not really a newbie --- but then became an occasional lurker. This season I've been more like a constant lurker!

Anyway, I had excellent luck WS nasturtiums my first year, and didn't plant any last year. This year, I WS whirlybird and cream climber in a single container on March 12, and when I went out this morning to give them a stern talking-to because they hadn't sprouted yet, I saw that I didn't put holes in the bottom of that container. (Duh!!) The soil is damp to wet. I dug up one seed and it is very swollen but no sign of a sprout.

Do you think the nasties are just taking their sweet time sprouting, or do you think the seed is rotted? Now that I have put drainage holes in that container, I'll probably just wait and see, but if you think the seed is rotted I want to start some more --- love my nasties!

(... which reminds me --- my DH was getting all interested in WS for about the five minutes that he misunderstood what "jugs" and "nasties" were all about)


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