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How should I start growing garlic

15 years ago

I am interested in trying to grow garlic for the first time and have a few questions. I am in Middle Tennessee, zone 6b. I want to start real small just to see what I think of home grown garlic. I have never had garlic except what you buy in a jar at the store so don't want to deviate TOO much from that taste until I feel a little more adventurous.

Now my questions:

1 - What variety would you suggest I start with for a first time?

2 - When should I plant it in this zone?

3 - How should the bed be prepared? Remember, I just want to try a little bit my first year.

4 - Can I just stack up a few tires, fill them with dirt, and plant in that small area just for a trial?

Thanks for any help you can offer me.

Carol B

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