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Yet another top set onion questions (walking onion etc.)

14 years ago

Hello. A veritable gardenweb saint mailed me a couple of complete top set onions. I think that they are Catawissa, because they have bulbils on the top, and some of the bulbils have bulbils! Anyway...

The plant had to be folded in order to fit it in the box it was sent in. While the roots are in good shape (the nice lady who sent them to me wrapped them in plastic with wet paper towels), the stems are not strong and intact enough to stand up straight.

So I am wondering- it is pretty hot right now in Seattle, and these things are usually planted in the fall. Can I remove the bulbils now and either plant them, or save them for later and plant them? If I can save them for later, is there anything special I need to do to keep them in good condition?

Also, if I plant the root ends in the ground, will they generate more bulbils/leaves at some point?

Thanks for your help!

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