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Anyone have Carya illinoinesis (Pecan) experience?

I want to plant two more large trees on my property and in one spot I keep thinking a big Pecan tree would look nice but I just don't know too many people with them.

The location is an overgrown area up 2/3 of the way up the hill to the south side of a 20 foot tall black walnut. There will be some shade on the tree promoting more narrow growth until it outpaces a couple redbud volunteers growing near by.

My plan is to clear a spot in the overgrown area and let the tree do its thing hopefully growing more tall than wide.

There is even a good nursery just outside of town which offers a few Pecan cultivars and some "select source" seed grown trees.

Do I understand right that:

St Louis is a bit far north of their optimum range for nut production due to frosts but the trees still reach good 80+ foot height here?

They are very moisture tolerant but only moderately drought tolerant?

Fall color is pretty consistent in the species? How is it in your opinions? I always see this GREAT tree growing at Mt Vernon on line.

Planted singularly it will produce nuts in a decade or so but probably not a bumper crop ever?

I am looking for a big tree to dominate the property when the current generation passes and this location is far enough from any structures and utilities for whatever. If I can pick a winner with normal foliage, good fall color, and something interesting like edible nut production it would have that over a big oak.

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