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What to do with the garlic? Help Quick!

18 years ago

First off, I planted my garlic late, I think it was in either November or December, which is late compare to when I planted last year. When I did plant, I planted it in a spot that I haven't planted in before, the soil is fertile but it is clay. This particular site has been ammended with organic matter twice, but not nearly to the level that the other beds have. Normally I plant it in the box that has the lovely purchased loamy soil. Then we had more rain than was ever expected.

This particular spot stayed wet for a very long time. The garlic is about 2 1/2 to 3 feet tall, but the tips have yellowed from all of the water. They have been fertilized once with bone meal and blood meal and sprayed with fish emulsion once.

I have pulled up a couple and the heads are not forming, which I can understand, they haven't had there full time to grow. Last year, since I planted early, my garlic was ready in May. This year I figure it won't be till end of June maybe end of July, but my real question is, the soil is very tight. Will they be able to form heads in this soil. When I dug out the tester garlic, it was hard to do, and if it was hard for me, I imagine it may be hard for the garlic to grow.

I am getting impatient, and my husband has said just give them time, but they are taking up a prime spot for tomatoes and if they are just doomed, I would rather pull them up now and just chalk it up to a loss rather than wait till it's to late and I can't plant my tomatoes there.

What do you guys think. Some of the lower leaves have started to yellow, but no head, yet when I pull them up, they are not rotten. Please help, quickly, what should I do?

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