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When is it ok to take cuttings from roses you don't own?

10 years ago

Hi All,

Today I went to my little town's neglected memorial rose garden. I went with shears in hand, ready to cut some ripe hips and try my luck at growing from seed. I felt like I was doing something shady, like digging through someones trash or vandalizing the park. But its a public park, and the roses are neglected, so I shouldn't feel weird, right? I ending up taking only about 5 hips because I felt like people could see me and were wondering why I was prowling through the brush.

I wouldn't do this if it were on someones yard or private property. But there are old cemeteries around here and I would like to go explore them for old roses. I see others do this as well. Is it OK to take clippings? Have you ever caught someone taking clippings from a place they shouldn't? Or even taking them from YOUR garden?

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