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Temporaily Move Shallots, Onions, Garlic

15 years ago

I am having lots of grading work done in my backyard and my garden must come out for two weeks. I have some multiplying onions, shallots and several hundred garlic plants growing. The plants are 8-12 inches apart as I thought that it would be likely that I would need to transplant them. In less than two weeks I will have a new much larger and flatter garden to move the plants back into.

My plan is to to lay down tarps, dig out the alliums (hopefully getting most the roots) and move the alliums onto the tarp and then lightly cover each variety with some sifted soil to form a big clump. Unfortuantely this area is in full sun. I plan on watering a couple times a day or as it is needed.

Any other ideas to help the alliums cope with this two week move? Would a shade cloth help? Since this is only about a month before harvest of some of the early varieties of garlic and at most 3 months before the harvest of the later varieties, if I were to instead harvest the garlic now if the heads are of sufficient size and cure how would storage and seed garlic be affected?

The weather has been cooler this year than any I can remember and the rainfall has been perfect. The garlic so far is much larger than in any of the last 7 years I have grown it. This likely would of been my best harvest to date.

I also will need to transplant some asparagus, but I am not as worried about it as it is almost 10 years old and I just am hoping that it transplants well enough to provide for the next couple years while I start some new plants.

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