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garlic planting times in mild winter climate

11 years ago

I live in central California in the coastal mountains (Santa Cruz mountains) around 850 feet above sea level.

In the winter we get a fair amount of rain (no snow). At this altitude I get some cold nights where the grass is frozen in the morning. Seldom do we have freezing temperatures in day time. I've seen water in the garden hose freeze overnight and had to scrape ice off of my car windows only a few times per winter. As much as anything this is due to the cold night sky effect more than cold air temperatures.

We get no rain in the summer, but I can water as needed.

Anyway, I am wondering about when I can plant garlic in this climate. Last year I planted it sometime in fall. Maybe October. I don't really remember. Looks like it is almost ready to harvest.

Given this climate, is there a way to stagger plantings to get a kind of continuous harvest? Can I plant through the winter?

Or can I maybe plant a batch or two in autumn and again in spring? We usually get a nice burst of warm weather in late September. October is not too cold. No danger of freezing in October.


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