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The Official 2009/210 Container Count-part eight

14 years ago

Please post here AFTER the other thread is full!!

the definition of a "container" ???

well it's very loosely defined as:

#1... If you use toilet paper rolls, newspaper pots, plant bands, paper cups, peat pots, etc and pack these together under one cover, then perhaps the best way to count these is to count the number of different seeds sown.

Example : 10 different kinds of seeds sown under 1 cover could be counted as 10 containers.

#2... 50 seeds sown in a milk jug or other larger container should count as 1 container.

Posting container count:

Please post only NEW containers and not a running total.

Example: If your 1st post is 30 containers and you later sow another 30 containers your 2nd post should reflect only the additional 30 containers.

You can post your total as long as you indicate the number of new containers.

Example: "Zone 5 : Add 30 more containers for me. My total is now 60. "

Remember to add your zone to each post so we can see totals by zone.

I will update the totals on a regular basis and start a new post as needed.


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