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'maters? did I mess up?

15 years ago

so in a WS frenzy last sunday  partly because I have very limited time this year, and partly because I figured if I didn't do them all I'd chicken out  I sowed every seed I have... eek?

some flowers (calendula, cosmos, lavender, marigolds, naustriaum, bee balm, etc..etc..), lots of edibles (melons, strawberries, various herbs, eggplants, sweet peppers, etc, etc,) and all of my tomatoes, about 120 (appx 50 varieties).

so, I'm thrilled to be having some germination (cosmos, bee balm, basils and a few others), but terrified about my 'maters!!!

did I sow too late/early? and how long does germination usually take for toms?

thanks anyone... I'm really anxious and checking my "babies" like a mad woman a dozen times a day : )


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