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Another fertilizing question

14 years ago

OK, I know, most people say to stop fertilizing in September, BUT I have an odd situation, as many do, I am sure. I have most of my roses in pots. MOST, all but one in fact, are putting on new growth like there is no tomorrow. TONS of new leaves, stems, blooms all over the place. It was 93 degrees here this afternoon....SERIOUSLY. I don;t think we expect a freeze anytime soon. I wanted to know if fertilizing this late would be advised considering all the new growth. My roses I had last year never stopped growing all year. They never lost their leaves and actually bloomed until December. The roses I have in the ground are ALSO putting on new growth like mad....I just hate to starve the new growth. I fertilized last a month ago, so it would be time again if I am going to do it.

I want to point out as well that I in S GA, near the FL line if that helps...we didn't see a light frost until after Christmas last year. Killer frost was some time in January and still didn't touch the roses in front of the shop.

My Mr LIncoln currently is throwing out 9 new blooms, my Red Masterpiece is sporting 12, Heirloom, 4, Tropicana is covered......I am setting up for most everything I have to be in bloom again.....its a good delimma to have I guess, but I dont want to hurt them, just help them.

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