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How far apart should I plant Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis?

13 years ago

I love this rose - I had one in the last place I lived and it was so carefree, with constant blooms. I never had to do anything to it and it handled itself just fine without my help, even in the shade! I decided I want to plant two of them as a foundation planting in front of my house. Because of my windows, I probably wouldn't allow it to reach higher than 4 feet, 5 at the very most. They will get full sun, though I do live by the coast where sometimes there is fog. I am not sure how far apart I should plant these from each other, or how far from the house they should be. I actually started them last year but I think they are too close to each other, and too close to the house. I am practically starting over with them, because I had allowed a tomato plant to take them over all summer. I only allowed that because I didn't succeed the last time I tried to grow a tomato plant, and this one just popped up by itself and flourished like crazy. I was enamored by that, so I let it crowd out the mutabilis. Now that I cut back the tomato plant, I regret the effect it had of stunting the growth I could have achieved with these roses, one of them having to start over from the ground. That one already has started sprouting new leaves. This plant grows fast! So how far should I space these? Will there be any permanent damage by having to transplant them again?

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