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WANTED: Elephant Garlic & Softneck Garlic

15 years ago

I've ordered a few varieties of garlic, but I'd like to trade some for a few more. I don't have much growing space, so I only ordered a couple of each bulbs of each type. But I couldn't find these varieties without purchasing about a 1 lb of each which is way more than I need. So if anyone would like to trade for some veggie seeds, shallots etc I'd appreciate it. I'd also like to clarify that my orders haven't shipped quite yet so I can either pay for any garlic you have + postage, or wait until I get them to trade :)

Have: (all softneck varieties)

Chet's Italian Red Garlic

Chinese Purple Garlic

Italian Late Garlic

Inchelium Red Garlic

French Red organic shallots

Dutch Yellow organic shallots

Would like: (just a few cloves of each)

Elephant garlic

Red Toch (Tochliavri)

Lorz Italian



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