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Which Roses To Choose? Mid-Atlantic

11 years ago

I had my heart set on a few varieties of Austin roses but after reading a bunch on these forums I realize that most of the Austins are going to take far more pampering/spraying than I care to do.

I am in Northern VA/on the line of 6b/7a and I know BS is a huge problem for rose growers in this area.

I need three shrub roses and one climber. I am trying to determine if it would make a bigger splash to go with all one variety of shrub rose or to go with three different ones. I like yellow/apricot/coral red roses. No pinks!

Here are the varieties that I'm considering, I'd love opinions on what has done well for other gardeners in my general Mid-Atlantic area:

Livin' Easy

Easy Going

Petticoat Fairy Tale


Tamora (Austin)

Crocus Rose (Austin)

Crown Princess Margareta (Austin) - for climbing

Maigold (Kordes) - for climbing

Prairie Sunrise (Buck)

Winter Sunset (Buck)

Prairie Harvest (Buck)

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