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Yvonne's Salvia Celebration Year (LONG)

13 years ago

As many of you know, Yvonne passed away on February 26th, 2009. I went to her service yesterday, and met more members of her family that I hadnt before. They were just as amazing as she was. I know, many of you may be sick and tired of me telling you how special she was, but, she REALLY was! She was the kind of person who could make you have a good day, just by sitting and talking to her.

HereÂs the link for her on-line obituary:

Her grandson gave the eulogy, and, he said he had asked his "meme" how she seemed to be able to be happy all of the time. She never had much money to speak of, she had lost children, as well as her husband of 70 years, she didnÂt even drive. She told him, that every night, she counted her blessings. And, even if it had been a really bad day, she told him she would focus on the little things, like how the sun felt on her face that day, or a pleasant fragrance from a flowerÂ

The last time I visited with her, she was on oxygen, and was becoming more frail. That didnÂt stop her, however, from enthusiastically asking me about an upcoming trip, or precisely naming all of the flowers in a bouquet I had brought, or talking about seeds to sow this spring. Selflessly giving, right until the end.

So, I am writing this, to hopefully promote an "YvonneÂs Salvia Celebration" year. I am trying to generate as many people as possible to grow this plant this year. This is the idea from Patrick, from the Network 54 Hummingbird Forum, and, I think itÂs wonderful:

"Maybe suggest that those holding seeds share some with at least 1 other person this year and pass on the story of Yvonne's salvias. Ask that everyone plant some of Yvonne's seeds this year in some way that they can dedicate to her memory....whether a whole patch of them for a dramatic show, or maybe plant them as the centerpiece of a flower bed...whatever they can/want to do. No set rules...each person doing his/her own thing. Then we all share pics...maybe a few during the season, and especially some at the end of the season."

I am also looking into getting the species officially "named." I have no idea how that works, and, if anyone here has that knowledge, IÂm all ears. I believe "trialling" is involvedÂand, I donÂt know if amateur gardeners can be part of that trialling. Various zones, soils, etc, must be tested. I have contacted Rich Dufresne, who has forwarded my request to another source. ThatÂs as far as it goes, as of right now.

I am posting this on the Network54 Hummingbird Forum, the GW Winter Sowing Forum, the YvonneÂs yahoo Salvia Group, and the GW Salvia Forum. These are the groups that have been consistent in their interest and support. I will probably contact "Birds N Blooms" magazine for a follow-up story.

A friend came over today, and helped me with the tedious task

of cleaning seeds from the chaff. I have enough seeds for at least 50 "give aways." I know that from the Winter Sowing site has several packs left to offerÂshe has been a faithful distributor every year. There may be some people on the Network 54 Hummingbird Forum who have seed to spare. I know Patrick, from that forum, has given away some seeds, and, I must publicly thank him for the idea of this "Celebration" effort!

If you want to take part, please let me know. Send me an email, and I will put you on "the list."

If you need seeds, let me know, or, go to the WS Exchanges page and request from there. If you have seeds to spare, and are willing to give them up to web people, please post, on whatever forum you choose, that you are a part of YvonneÂs Salvia Celebration, so the recipients understand the "task" before them!

Thanks so much!


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