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Newbie. Good roses for Coastal Southern California?

10 years ago

Hi All,

I�m new to roses and gardening. Please help me select few roses that fit my zone and desire.

1) I�m in Fountain Valley, California 92708. So I guess my zone is 10 but I don�t know how to find my sunset zone ïÂÂ

2) I wanted to plant 5-6 roses for different sunny spots around my house. Each spot has different color theme: yellow, magenta/hot pink/mauve, peach, red, orange, white. The roses are for landscape purpose.

3) The priority (in order) of my dream roses:

a) Maximum height: 3� - 4�

b) Disease resistance in my near coastal southern California zone

c) Great repeat bloomers

d) Good foliage

e) If possible, less thorns

f) If possible, some David Austin roses because I have never seen one before and I love the cupped flowers.

g) Color not fading under the sun

Summer last year I bought a climbing �America� from Home Depot. It was "normal" the first year. Starting this season from spring it was covered in mildew and since then on been defoliated, not producing new canes, looking bared and sad, although it still manages to bloom its beautiful perfectly shaped flowers here and there.

Thinking the problem maybe because it was from the big box store, I got �The Trumpeter� from Armstrong Gardens in August. It has been strong, healthy, and blooming well. But this is the same good thing as with �Cl. America� when I purchased the first year.

Therefore I am here to ask you for help. I don�t want all my roses look like my current "Cl. America.� ïÂÂ

Thanks in advance.

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