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Pruning of Climbing Roses

14 years ago

Although I am an avid perennial gardener I have had little success with roses. I did plant a climber around an outdoor fountain, with a trellis on either side - all against a perimeter fence. The canes have gone wild and are literally 12' plus tall. They however just look unruly and scraggly.

Does anyone have any suggestions. I also cut them down in the spring (I've read up and everyone has different advice on pruning)and got little bloom compared to last year. This is their third year of growth.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Also overwintering - we are in SW Ontario so last year saw a LOT of snow and fairly cold temperatures. I would say averages of -15C (35F - 40F standard). Not really that cold but lots of snow last year.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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