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Photos don't do need to stand under her

15 years ago

Maman Cochet, Climbing has been in the ground since February, and I think she intensely resents that old saw about "first year sleeping, second year creeping, third year leaping." She is redefining the word "sleeping". This trellis is 12' wide and 8' tall and the arbor has a 4' walk-thru. She stayed covered with leaves all summer until early October when she started dropping more than half of them over a period of a couple weeks. Then immediately she started popping out new growth. Her new laterals were only a few inches long when we had 2 nights of 31 degrees on October 28th, and I was scared. But the cold didn't phase her at all. She now has an opening flower and half a dozen buds after months of nothing but growing...and growing. Every month or so it takes me an hour or so to tie her close to the trellis because she is armed and on our property line. You can see in the tight shot of the arbor that she is reaching out again. I am seriously thinking of adding a pergola to connect the trellis to the house. We could use the shade all day until 4 o'clock.

Those double windows are over my kitchen sink. Wanna come wash dishes at my house next spring? I am in awe of this rose and dumbstruck at what the future may hold.






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