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Can you sow it inside house in milk Jug?

9 years ago

To jump start the entire process by 3-4 weeks. Can you sow seeds in milk jugs like you would normally do except place jugs inside house as the temperature is warming up. Let's say if I start in Mid March, by 3rd or 4th week in March I might be able to place jugs outside during day time and bring them inside at night. Mid april or 3rd week of April, you might be able to leave them outside.

What I'm not sure about is, as soon as the seeds germinate they will need light and putting them outside,may shock them. It is that initial 1-2 weeks after they germinate to the time they get acclimated is what is crucial.

This process can be started towards the end of March, thatway by the time it is time to put jugs outside the weather will be warm enough.

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