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OH-Yeah 2cd year babies poking up-

13 years ago

MY 2 year olds:

Holly hocks-these look good there are a lot in a holding bed when can I transplant these? Of course the ones in there perm. home are not up yet. To ensure more next year should I just plop my new ws baby's in and around these latter?

Foxglove these stayed green thru winter & today I noticed new growth. The old leaves are looking shabby will these fade away? Also I did rather large hos last year even this early the plants are huge. If I dig deep enough think I can separate these? or just let them be?

Lupine- wow really pleased w/ these so many stems or whatnot from each plant. These I planted individually. Hope to keep the rabbits away last year they did a number on 1 grouping.

Also have columbine,itty bitty yarrow,shasta daisy(stayed green thru winter also),blackberry lilly.

Still no sign of quite a few but I'm so happy & looking forward to these blooms this year.

My patients(very hard to have in 1st year) lol should be greatly rewarded w/ lots of 2cd year blooms !!!!!!!!!!!!

Annette(huge grins on face)

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