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Roses for hedge

14 years ago


I was hoping to get some design advice/suggestions for a situation I have.

First, I live in Tampa. I have a back patio that looks over my detached garage, so I am trying to improve the view. The garage is a butter yellow with side-boards, so it is very cottagy looking. The flower bed that I have built to "screen" the garage faces southwest and has reclaimed drip irrigation for water. The length of the bed is 20 feet by 4 feet deep (but I can make it deeper if I need to.) I have a white arbor placed in the middle of the bed with two-year old climbers growing on it- Pinkie and Viking Queen (who is so tiny, but is disease free and hanging in there!).

My question is that I would like tea rose hedges flanking the arbor and the climbers to fill up the rest of the garage wall space. We are talking about 6'feet on either side of the arbor to work with. I would like the hedge to be no more than 4'-5' feet tall and thick foliage is more important to me than flower form or scent. I want it to anchor the rest of the things I will plant in front (herbs, cottage flowers, other small scale roses like SDLM), to create a cottage garden look. It must be roses because I don't want to deal with a lot of roots in the rest of the bed, and I love them anyway. It also must be pretty disease free, since I don't spray (trying to attract bees and other polinators and am close to water).

I have been growing roses on a limited scale for 25 years, but because this is a new house and a unique situation, I am a bit stuck and want to do it right from the get-go. I was thinking about Old Blush (the ARE website says it makes a nice hedge), and liked it at may old home where it grew as a single specimen, but was thinking about others like Papa Gontier, Mrs. B.R. Cant- but maybe these get too big. If anyone else has experience with some other teas that would look good as a hedge and in this situation, I would greatly appreciate it!

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