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Advice for rose garden in Hollywood

11 years ago

I should have posted this here instead of on Roses.

"My younger daughter recently bought an old house there with a big back yard. I'm visiting along about December.... So she wants my advice on roses and Camellias( my former passion when I lived there).

So where are there big nurseries and/or rose gardens. The last time I was there the garden near USC was closed for the season. Yes I know about Descanso and that big camellia nursery near by. But what about roses.

One rose I've read about and can't have because of tenderness is Mermaid. Then I suppose others in that group would be Teas, Bourbons, etc.

So I would appreciate your help!"

Since that post I've been doing some research and have come with up some roses that might be good. What is your experience with them?

For Hollywood


Duchess de Brabant

Old Blush

Silver Moon

Slater�s Crimson


Fortune�s Double Yellow

Gloire de Dijon

Monsiieur Tillier


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