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I'm trying to go organic on my lawn- help!

14 years ago

I have recently decided to fire my lawn service and go organic. For a multitude of reasons.

First, we have the crappiest grass ever. Our builder totally did a number on us and gave us Bermuda that was heavily overseeded with winter rye. So much that it nearly choked out the Bermuda underneath. Anyway, after 3 years of being in this house and 3 years of getting lawn treatments it doesn't look much better than in the beginning, AND we are inundated with poke salad! There are hundreds of sprigs of it popping up everywhere. I spent all morning pulling poke salad and other assorted weeds from my lawn and flower beds. You'd think after having a lawn service come out we wouldn't have to deal with this!

Secondly everytime he comes out he sprays his chemicals all over my dog! The dog loves the hose pipe and tries to bite the water every time we spray him down. So when the yard guy comes, Gus thinks it's a fun game to attack his sprayer like he does the hose pipe. I have told the guy to not spray our backyard, just do granules, but NO. Gus looks like a neon yellow highlighter after the guy leaves. I don't want to pay for Gus's chemo treatments later in life when he gets cancer from all the lawn chemicals that have been sprayed all down his throat. :o)

Thirdly, I watched this scary documentary about Monsanto and Roundup Ready corn and crops and I got all freaked out about our food and chemicals, etc etc etc. Dr. Oz even had the lady on his radio show the other day, so it's a legitimate documentary I guess. After much black helicopter conspiracy theory thoughts, I decided that it's just way too much for me to worry about all the corn in the world, so why not deal with what I actually CAN control--my yard.

So... I'm going to try to DIY it, and go organic. My plan of attack is to use Bill's Perfect Lawn Fertilizer from and either the AllDown or Burnout organic weed and grass killer to edge my flower beds and try to keep the bermuda from creeping in, along with spot-spraying the poke salad and other weeds. I'll also keep pulling them. :)

Do you think this is a good plan? Any other good advice on going organic?


Here is a link that might be useful: Bills Perfect Fertilizer from Spray n Grow

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