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Grandfathers Tree Becomes A Bottle Tree

9 years ago

alabamaicole has one, plantman71 is going Grandfather Knight planted three cedars around his home in the 1920's. They survived until April 27,2011. One still survives as a bottle tree. (They were heavily damaged back in 1993 - The Storm Of The Century , but they survived.)

The bottle tree started with garbage left from the storm being hung off the tree stump. Later nails to hold bottles , bowling balls and odd n' ends left from the clean up. Somethings from garbage that others STILL bring and dump because they NEEDED a place to dump their garbage and dead dogs. Neighbors are sooooooOOOOOO nice here.

Reason for this post is for garden art lovers as are alabamaicole and plantman71....may there bottle trees grow with tender loving care....

hope it works....joseph

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