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Roses in Review

11 years ago

It is time for the annual Roses in Review (RIR), the American Rose Society's annual survey of roses. Results from the "Garden" evaluations are used as the ratings in the Handbook for Selecting Roses. Participation in the RIR process is open to EVERYONE!

Membership in the American Rose Society (ARS) or a local rose society is not required.

The link to the on-line entry form is To register to use the site, click on "New User" on your first visit. The ARS will not use the information to SPAM you as the info is used to allow reporters to enter data over a period of time (register once, use the same info to come back and enter more info later), also to assist the RIR coordinators with data tabulation, and is deleted after the end of the survey period. You do not have to complete your entries at one time; you can come back and add more ratings at a later time. Just be sure to use the same information (e-mail and name) the next time you want to enter ratings. Also, remember to hit the "Save" button after entering data. If you participated last year, you will have to register as a "New User" again this year.

This Roses in Review (RIR) marks the 87th time that the members of the American Rose Society have evaluated new rose introductions. The ultimate value of this procedure is realized only when we have a broad base of participation. We need your contribution, whether you grow only one plant of one variety on the list or many of them. We need input from "garden" rosarians as well as exhibitors, and from new rosarians as well as seasoned veterans. We also welcome reports from those who are not yet ARS members, so please pass along this website address to your rose-growing friends. The complete results of this survey will be included in the January/February, 2013, issue of American Rose, and will help determine the ratings in the ARS Handbook for Selecting Roses. For these results to be meaningful,we need everyone to participate So, please - take a few minutes of your time to evaluate your new roses. Only evaluate roses you grow from the cultivar list.

On-line and paper forms must be submitted on or before September 26, 2011 in order to be included in this year's results.

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